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I am a designer who puts the customer and user first. I believe in iterative design mixed with feedback and collaboration produces the best results. I care about getting the job done no matter what the circumstances.

I am also a developer. I have been studying front-end development over the last couple of years in order to make me a better designer. Conversely, my design background has made me a better developer. I enjoy projects where I can use both of these skill sets to solve problems for the user.

I am currently the Front-End Developer and Designer of the marketing team at Top Hat in Toronto.



Top Hat Website

Complete redesign and rebuild of the Top Hat corporate website. My role was to write all of the front end code and provide secondary design work. This was completed in the summer of 2016.


LCBO API Project

Using the LCBO API, I created an app to figure out how many beers you can buy at the LCBO with whatever cash you have on you. You can input your cash value, and choose your desired price range, and the app will calculate how many of each beer you can purchase. Try it out!


Hockey Data Visualization

Personal project to mark the 10th anniversary of the battle of Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin. I used ChartJS to create data visualizations comparing their statistics of their time in the NHL.


Custom WordPress Band Theme

This is a totally customizable WordPress theme for any band or solo artist. You can update fans with latest news, add your upcoming shows, and input your latest tracks via Soundcloud.


Javascript Web App

Working as a team, we wanted to create a fun Javascript application to be shared throughout the community. Enter “Tattoo Roulette”, a ridiculous, totally random, tattoo idea generator.


PSD to HTML Conversion

The goal of this project was to turn a static photoshop design into a fully responsive, semantically correct, HTML website. This project also uses Sass, Flexbox and jQuery for flexibility and added functionality. Note: this was a provided design, my role was to write the code.

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